LARK advantages


  • Choose a location for your new mobile home and check the local development plan at the local office - find out if setting up the house is possible.
  • Choose the method of legalizing your mobile home - notification or building permit.
  • Find out what media you can connect to your mobile home. Water, electrical (230V 16A or 400V 32 A), sewage (municipal network, septic tank, home sewage treatment plant) connections will be necessary - check what parameters local regulations and service providers allow. If you want to heat your home with gas, you have the choice of natural gas from the network or liquefied gas cylinders - find out about local regulations and options in this regard.
  • Download from LARK Technical and Commercial Advisor a document which describes the methods of preparing the ground for the foundation of the house and look for a local subcontractor of the foundation and media connections - set the scope and price of work necessary to perform, book the deadline - remember the mobile home should be sited on solid concreted prepared ground.
  • Using the current LARK catalogs, select the model that suits you (size, insulation, roof type, room layout, heating type, material color, additional equipment) and contact our Technical and Commercial Advisor.
  • Our LARK Technical and Commercial Advisor will read all comments and prepare a dedicated offer describing all elements of the house. An offer drawing will be made based on it. After accepting all the solutions, we will accept the order to build the house following the drawing and specification.
  • After agreeing with the specifications, the price for the house, delivery and siting options will be agreed. Based on the arrangements, a Proforma Invoice will be issued, based on which the order will be processed. To start production, LARK requires 30% of the proforma value as an advance payment. For customers who want to sign a contract for the supply of houses with the Factory - our legal department will prepare it and then the contract will be the basis for ordering the production of the house.
  • The house will be built 3 to 6 months after ordering and receipt of the down payment. The delivery date depends on the season and the current volume of Factory orders.
  • After the production is over, the house will undergo comprehensive installation tests and quality acceptance. The house can then be collected from the factory.
  • Before transporting your home, you will be asked to pay the outstanding amount of the Pro-forma or contract.
  • The house will be taken to the indicated property.
  • If you bought the service of setting up and connecting the house - LARK technicians will set the house on the prepared area, level it, connect the installations and carry out the first commissioning of the devices (the oven, household appliances, water systems, sewage, gas combi boiler), and anchor the house to the ground. The house is ready to be used.
  • If during the use it is necessary to make adjustments, repairs or replacement of worn-out elements, or to use the warranty of the home appliances manufacturer, a dedicated department of the LARK Factory SERVICE will provide all necessary help, materials and technical support.
  • All it remains is to take care of the house, use it under the instructions for use and enjoy trouble-free operation for many years.

ADVANTAGES of LARK products that distinguish us from other chalets and lodges manufacturers:

  • Super durable, hot-dip galvanized frame with a chassis whose durability far exceeds the products of competitors, able to withstand a load of over 12 tons. The zinc coating guarantees no corrosion even in the harshest conditions.
  • Ventilation system for wall and roof , which ensures that the walls and roof structure are kept dry, and are protected against ingress of insects or mould.
  • Roof construction providing snow load resistance up to 300 kg per square meter.
  • Internal, double-sided laminated, waterproof, P5 chipboard, scratch-resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal impregnated. This plate enables the interior of houses and lodges to be used without the need to renovate the walls, and provides full protection against damp and moisture.
  • Large glazing surfaces, double glazing made of safety glass in window profiles identical to those in traditional construction, much quieter and much more efficient in measuring U value of thermal insulation than in competitive products.
  • Own furniture factory "LARK Furniture" enabling personal adaptation to clients' needs and designing all possible changes of furniture equipment, including full individualization of projects.
  • Very large configuration options, including the possibility of an individual house design.
  • Very high quality of products ensured by over 120 checkpoints during the production process and also confirmed by the British NCC certificate and German TÜV.
  • Long manufacturer warranty periods with numerous options for an additional warranty extension for individual house components, providing the user with warranty protection for many years.
  • The best water and heating systems by John Guest of UK - those are being used on airplanes, boats and even space shuttles. We guarantee their reliable operation even in the most difficult conditions.
  • Renowned suppliers of home appliances. This gives the customer the possibility of individualizing home arrangements and provides easy operation and maintenance without compromising on the quality of appliances.
  • Adaptation of the house to any climatic conditions by offering different thicknesses of thermal insulation of external walls, floor, and roof.
  • The best acoustic parameters ensuring the comfort of use obtained through proper sound insulation of the interior of the house and window frames, this makes LARK one of the quietest products on the market. We know how important peace is in your own home.
  • Possibility of installation, corresponding to and in agreement with the wishes of customers, and ensuring reliable operation of a variety of modern systems used in traditional house construction, such as heating, air conditioning, alarm, and photovoltaic systems.
  • Monolithic fiberglass and epoxy shower cubicle, ensuring no leaks due to the lack of connections. The cabin is easy to clean, functional, spacious, eliminating the risk of flooding the bathroom and floor construction. Also, it provides a longer life expectancy and very easy cleaning.
  • Providing unique protective and visual effects by using a variety of materials in the exterior facades of houses from reputable manufacturers. We offer materials ranging from special Siberian larch, through rock panels, sheet metal, foamed PVC, to fiberglass.
  • The possibility of using LARK Logistics transport services in the delivery of houses to any place indicated by the customer. Also the opportunity to take advantage of the wide offer of financing purchases by leading financial institutions on the market cooperating with LARK Factory.

All details are available from LARK Experts. Please contact us.


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